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About Us


Caffe Vinci is a modern, customer led and quality obsessed company who took the decision, as coffee drinkers and aficionados, to source the finest coffee from those who are truly skilled in the art of coffee roasting. The starting point had to be Italy. 

We are proud to draw on the generations of experience and knowledge that our Italian partners are able to provide us with and combine that with our in depth knowledge of the UK hospitality industry, in order to bring the best coffee to the UK market.


It is our passion for coffee and the coffee making process that has led us to source some of the finest ingredients and equipment available on the market today.


At Caffe Vinci we recognise the importance of working closely with our customers in order to assist them in delivering that perfect coffee experience.

We as a company, are constantly seeking to improve and evolve to bring you the perfect cup, produced by the best machines and served by the best people.



Caffe Vinci was born out of our desire to bring the best quality roasted coffee to the UK market. For 20 years Jim Moran, Caffe Vinci MD, has been involved in the supply of hot beverage products and equipment to the hospitality industry. Long before the high street coffee phenomenon hit the UK market, Jim felt there would be a demand for great tasting coffee to fulfil the demands of the British public.  Consumers have become more sophisticated in their expectations of what the food and drink industry had to offer, as they were being made aware of the continental attitudes towards food and drink being about passion and quality ingredients. So he set himself off on a journey, firstly seeking out roasters in the UK who could replicate the quality of coffee he had sampled on his numerous visits to Italy, but soon became frustrated at what appeared to be a lack of understanding as to what is needed to produce a coffee bean roasted in such a way as to bring out the optimum amount of flavour, without the bitterness, that is suitable for use with a traditional espresso machine.

Jim then considered investing in a roasting and packaging plant but he took the decision as a coffee drinker and an enthusiast to source the finest coffee from those who are expert in the art. And a true art it is. The roasting process gives green beans flavour, aroma and colour, a combination of timing, airflow and temperature brings out the flavour nuances in each single origin bean and the level of roast differs from bean to bean. We don’t believe that anyone can gather that skill in an instant by investing in equipment, and calling themselves a coffee roaster. It is a heritage driven skill, an artisan craft and one we wanted to embrace within our Caffe Vinci brand. The starting  point had to be Italy, so a labour of love began, visiting roasters and sampling coffee throughout Italy not only seeking out the finest tasting coffee but equally important looking for an Italian partner that could guarantee the consistency of product that is so important to our customers.

During this period, a lot of time and resources were also put into developing the strategy and imagery for the Caffe Vinci brand, we wanted a design associated with the tradition, heritage and styling of Italy and one that would mirror our views that producing the finest coffee requires a combination of art, science and skill. After many hours (and espressos!) the connection with Leonardo Da Vinci and the use of the Vitruvian man on our packaging seemed to fit perfectly with what we were looking to achieve (as well as Vinci meaning to win in Italian!). Caffe Vinci was born and the brand was registered in 2010.

Our partner in Italy is one of the largest independent roaster, boasting UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 22000 certifications in food safety management and quality control process’.  Our blends are produced with the finest washed  green beans using Sweet Arabicas from the plateaus of Brazil which impart chocolate and nutty  flavours whilst high quality robustas from Africa and India add body and  bring together the aromas, textures, and tastes resulting in a coffee with a  pleasing complexity and which creates a unique product........a smooth blend  with a depth of flavour that does not lose the subtle flavour nuances when added to milk, a characteristic crucial to the UK market.